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Which Several Ways To Start The Greatest Damage To Diesel Generators

1, no water start or sudden boiling water to start

Diesel generator after the start, such as no cooling water, will cylinder components, cylinder head and body parts and other parts of the temperature rise sharply, then add the cooling water, will make the hot cylinder, cylinder head and other important parts due to sudden Cold caused by cracking or deformation.

However, if the start of the cold body before the sudden increase of about 100 ℃ boiling water, the same will crack the cylinder head, body and liner and other parts, should be reduced to 60-70 ℃ when the water temperature.

2, strong cold trailer start

Diesel generators in the cold state, the oil viscosity is high in the case of forced trailer start, will exacerbate the wear between the various parts of the diesel engine, thereby reducing the life of the diesel engine.

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