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What Is The Benefit Of The Generator Manufacturers To Analyze Low Noise Generators?

1, diesel generator manufacturers low noise generator power section complete:

Low noise generating units from 10kw-1200kw have, size according to the actual size of the unit custom, there are ready-made units.

2, low noise generator noise reduction function:

Scientific internal structure and the use of special noise reduction materials and a large degree of inhibition of mechanical noise, noise reduction dropped to 68db (A) -75db (A) between (measured at 7m from the sound source).

3, low noise generator set of scientific fuel tank design:

Large capacity base tank for continuous operation for 8 hours. Efficient shock absorption measures to ensure smooth operation of the unit, while the box without the observation window and the unit emergency stop button to facilitate observation of the unit running and the unit found an emergency situation quickly shut down.

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