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What Are The Specific Requirements Of The Maintenance Unit Of The Generator Set?

1. Generator manufacturers once every six months to arrange service engineers on-site inspection services, test machine running

2. Each time the unit is running for 250 hours or 12 months (whichever comes first), the generator manufacturer is responsible for replacing the diesel filter, oil filter, air filter, oil, antifreeze solution.

3. Check the valve clearance every 1000 hours.

4. Make two fuel pressure tests twice a year.

5. Two times a year for sensor reliability testing.

6. Check the fan every time, the pump is running normally.

7. Each time the electronic management system is tested.

8. Load switch reliability testing.

9. Check the emergency parking system reliability each time.

10. Each inspection should check whether the control box is loose.

11. Each inspection battery capacity and wiring tightness.

12. Each inspection should check whether the motor wiring is loose.

13. Each unit checks the unit power (self-starting function) test.

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