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Today Is Your Birthday, My AOSIF


Time flies, 16 years is only a moment in the history, but it is so magnificent. 16 years, left us precious wealth; 16 years, left us a heavy responsibility; 16 years, witnessed the yesterdays’ concerted efforts and continued growth; 16 years, is watching the glorious and splendid of tomorrow.



Looking back this year, AOSIF is one step at a time on the way to growth. This year,AOSIF still kept a steady growth rate and the total sales reached a new high record, though the market competition is fierce. AOSIF strengthened the process management and regularized the production technology, strictly enforced the operation instruction to improve the production technology. Company rules and regulations continue to improve, 6S system is implemented with good achievements in the company, the office is clean and full of warm, the orderly workshop is bright and tidy, the staff improved their personal qualities and operated with standard assignment, the production efficiency got a good improvement.



AOSIF has been through a lot in 16 years. We kept improving our technology when the quality was in chaos in the market; we do our best to improve our service when the competition was fierce; we kept moving forward when the market is downturn. We will not change our original heart and stiffen the promises to provide the good quality and service.


Today is your birthday, my AOSIF, you will thrive with the protection and cultivation from all the members in AOSIF.

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