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To Celebrate Mid-Autumn, Moon Cake Gambling Report

To Celebrate Mid-Autumn, Moon

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The Mid-Autumn is a traditional festival in China. AOSIF staff gathered to celebrate the Mind-Autumn Festival in TianChengshan Hotel on September 9th, we actively participated in the festival activities—Moon cake gambling.


Before gambling, the general manager made a speech. He summarized the achievements and breakthroughs have been made in the first half of 2016 by AOSIF, overall sales increased significantly over the same period last year.  Though the market competition is fierce, but the sales of our company still keep growing steadily, which strongly demonstrated the competitiveness of our products. Company rules and regulations continue to improve, 6S system is implemented with good achievements in the company, the office is clean and full of warm, the orderly workshop is bright and tidy, the staff improved their personal qualities and operated with standard assignment, the production efficiency got a good improvement. The production processing is improving continuously.  In 2016, AOSIF strengthened the process management, coordinated and standardized the production process. The "work instruction" is continuously improved and revised, as a guide to the operation of the daily production process.



After a burst of warm applause, the moon Cake gambling for Mid-Autumn celebrating started. The warm atmosphere made everyone itch to have a go, try to bet good luck. The crisp sound of the dice with joy can be heard everywhere. “Champion”, “champion is taken”, the scene was very lively.



After a cheer, the champion of each table came out in succession. We enjoyed the dinner together. The usual practice of AOSIF is to take the red packets for champion after drinking a full bottle of beer. Fifteen champions went on stage in a row without flinching, and drank the beer. The atmosphere reached a climax.



In perfect conjugal bliss night, all AOSIF staff spent a great time together.


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