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The Generator Controllers Exchange&Training For ComAp

As invited, Jones Engineering Ltd,the general agent of ComAp engine controllers, held a exchange&trainingabout the generator controllers of ComAp in Aosif. The sales team of Aosif,about 20 people took part in the conference.

As a leader of the controllers,ComAp is in the front frank in the innovation. Mr. Zhong, the engineer fromJones, introduced the development history of the company, and the headquarterof ComAp. Moreover, he gave an in-depth presentation and explanation of theproducts.

Besidesthe traditional controllers, they brought their new controller with new technology– InteliLite 9 (IL3-AMF9), whichhas:


5languages in the controller


Good universality

Meet therequirements: mains failure detection, manual&auto star, Plug-in moduleconcept for more capabilities

With it,more functions, more easy-operating

Mr. Zhong made a specialintroduction for the InteliLite 9, including its appearance, hardwares, newfunctions, and the difference of various models. After his introduction, wehave good impression and understanding about the products. After that, we mad aexchange deeply. The exchange&training was concluded successfully. 

With it, we have betterunderstanding of the selection and application of ComAp controllers. It willhelp us to improve our ability and service, to meet higher requirements fromour customers.

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