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Production Safety And Technique Training


Quality is the foundation of the safety, safety is the premise of the production. Controlling the safety of each process well is the only way to produce the quality products. On 13th, May, 2017, some teams in production department received a production safety and technique training from the production manager Mr. Xie, which is a part of the annual training schedule of Production Department.


Mr. Xie promoted the safety operation specification content in the “Production Management Implementation Details”, and emphasized the primacy of the safety in the producing process. The vice production manager and assembly workshop director detailed the safety threats which are easy to happen in the tidying process to the tidying team. The tidying workers were required to have the necessary safety production knowledge and work well with the safety operation guides. After the training, the tidying team recognized the importance of the safety operation and complied with the operation indications more strictly. They started to pay their attention to the operation process which they were easy to ignore before. 


Production safety is closely related to product quality. All workers in AOSIF are required to comply with the operation indications and always take the safety production as the first essence.

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