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Mooncake Gambling To Celebrate The Mid-autumn Festival In AOSIF

    On 22nd, Sep.,2017, the annual Mid-autumn mookcake gambling dinner party was held in AOSIF. All AOSIF staffs were toghether to play the special custom “moon-cake gambling ”games to celebrate the Mid-autumn Festival.


    Before the games officially started, the general manager addressed to all AOSIF staffs,encouraged us to build AOSIF family together with higher spirits. After the speech, he shared a tip how to win the lucky title “Zhuangyuan”, “Have firm faith! Wash your hands three times.” All laughed heartily at his funny words.


    After the host announced the game begin, everyone started to play the mooncake gambling happily. The one who wins the “Zhuangyuan”will not only get a good reward, but also represent a good luck in the year. So everyone was excited. The “Zhuangyuan” was being in the sound of cheers from time to time.





The tradition of AOSIF is that the “Zhuangyuan”is requried to drink a bottl of beer to get the red packet. The one who  finshes the beer fastest will be rewarded an extra red packet. 15 “zhuangyuan”were on the stage, one guy drunk up the beer fastly in next to no time. The whole atmosphere instantly reached a climax.

The general manager distributed the red packets to the “zhuangyuan”and took a group photo as a souvenir.



    After the gambling, in the dinner party, the general manager raised the drinking cup to propose a toast with employees and thanks for their dedication to AOSIF, and enjoy the Mid-autumn Festival together.


    The Mooncake gambling not only embodies the humanistic care of employee from the company, also carrys the spirits struggling for success, and even anchors the best wishes to AOSIF from all employees. It is believed that AOSIF’s tomorrow will be better with the joint efforts of all staffs.


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