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Let’s Sing “Labour” Is The Happiest Together

The joy of the sky is deep blue like just wahsed, the joy of the forest is verdant trees with dark green! The joy of the sun is to cover the earth with it is lights, the joy of the sunset is its golden sunglow without the end. 

Your happiest, is a smile after sweat wiped away the sweat ~ is a looking back glance after the job done ~

The happiest of AOSIF, is to bring the light to the world with the rapid rotation of the generator.

Because of labour

The tall buildings were built in the gravel, and the voice from the rumbling machine was heard in the desolation place.

AOSIF generator is spinning rapidly, and seems to be singing a song for the Labor Day.

No matter what position, how ordinary the position is, you are creating a new life.Let us work and study happily, enjoy the happiest simply !

AOSIF wishes everybody: Happly May Day and enjoy the working and life everyday !

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