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Installation Suggestions For Diesel Generating Sets And Related Systems

First, the engine room design

1. Units should be arranged laterally, when the building site by the restrictions, can be arranged vertically.

2. When the engine room and the control room adjacent to the generator outlet and cable trench should be close to the power distribution room.

3. The battery should be close to the starting motor side.

4. The engine room should have enough fresh air to enter the hot air and the exhaust should be out of the room, the air inlet should be set in the motor side, the exhaust side set in the tank side.

5. The engine room should be used in the silencing of the unit and the sound insulation of the engine room comprehensive control measures .1. Units should be arranged laterally, when limited by the building site, can be arranged vertically

Second, the installation of the generator base

1. A reinforced concrete base should be cast on the floor.

2. The concrete base should go through a month of more than 173KPa pressure test qualified.

3. The concrete base should be at least 150mm above the floor and at least 150mm on each side of the chassis. The "J" or "L" type anchor bolts shall be embedded in the cement base.

4. The shock absorber must be installed between the engine, the engine and the fuel tank.

5. The tank structure and strength must be able to withstand the static load and dynamic load of the unit.

6. Between the bottom of the tank and the ground must be left a certain distance, easy maintenance.

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