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In The Diesel Generator Charging Process To Pay Attention To What

Diesel generating units in the course of the operation, the need for its charge, charge when you need to pay attention to what matters?

1, work to wear protective equipment, to prevent acid splash wounding.

2, the electrolyte container to use porcelain or large glass bottles, prohibit the use of iron, copper, zinc and other metal containers, is strictly prohibited to pour the distilled water into sulfuric acid, to prevent the explosion.

3, when charging the battery to identify the positive and negative, the column and the column clamping, to prevent short-circuit caused by the collision caused by fire, explosion and anti-charging and other accidents.

4, charging, we must always check the shell cover ventilation, to prevent the stomata due to block, the battery internal pressure rise, which led to damage to the battery case.

5, are not allowed to use the short circuit between the charging method to check the voltage of the battery to prevent the sparks caused by the accident.

6, the charge to maintain a good ventilation, are not allowed to spill the electrolyte, leakage on the ground, the battery shelf of the electrolyte should be rinse at any time.

7, maintenance of AC circuit, you must cut off the power, is strictly prohibited live operation.

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