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Fire Drill – End The Potentially Dangerous

In July 17, 2018, in order to make all employees understand the basic knowledge of the fire fighting, improve their awareness of safety, enhance their ability to protect themselves, grasp the contingency and escape skills for the sudden fire, learn to extinguish the fire as well as orderly conduct the evacuation of personnel and property, ensure the safety of employees' life , and the safety of the public property, a fire drill was organized in a real battle by our company.

The whole staff fire drill was headed by Zhuang LiQuan, the Manager of quality control department of the company. He was responsible for the organization and command of fire drill. Associate Conductor: Xie Shui Lin, coordinative work leader: Huang Zhanming, safety director: Han Qingshuang. And two professional emergency teams were available, too.

At 8:30 am to 9:30 am , a special conference on fire drill was held to instruct and convey emergency drills. Fire safety knowledge and practical training for relevant personnel were carried out, and detailed arrangements for fire drill were carried out in the afternoon. At 10:00 am, Huang Zhanming , the coordinator , inspected the warehouse fire equipment and supplies, and reported to fire drill command center.

At 15:50 , someone found a fire in the company, immediately checked and reported the quality control department. The quality control department immediately reported the commander-in-chief of the fire control command center, and the commander-in-chief to start the emergency rescue instructions and notify all the volunteer fire crew to gather in the vicinity of the fire alarm for emergency treatment.

After the warning signal was issued, the members of the leading group, the professional group and the fire brigade arrived in the scene to organize the rescue work in five minutes, and reported to the commander-in-chief about the situation of personnel in place. They followed the order given by the commander-in-chief.

The commander-in-chief looked at the fire situation at the scene to determine the emergency rating. At that time, the fire was relatively small, and the volunteer fire brigade organized its own personnel to put off the fire. (if a big wind is coming suddenly, the fire is getting bigger, the commander-in-chief immediately ask the fire brigade to evacuate, it is more difficult to extinguish the fire by ourselves, immediately call 119 alarm calls, and try our best to carry out fire rescue).

Through the fire drill, the security awareness and fire extinguishing ability of the people who participated in the fire drill were enhanced. All the staff of AOSIF had a further understanding of the common sense of fire safety, and the ability to combat the fire was improved. During the fire drill,  the organizing ability, command ability and contingency ability of each drill team were  impoved , too.

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