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Does The Gasoline Generator Need To Run?

(1) no-load idle run-in generating units, according to conventional methods to seriously check all aspects are normal, you can start the unit. After the unit is started, adjust the speed to idle, run for 10 minutes. And check the oil pressure, listen to the gas generator running sound, and then stop.

(2) the engine speed from the idle speed gradually increased to the rated speed, speed increased to 200r / min, but in each speed should be continuous operation 2min, the maximum no-load speed running time should not exceed 5-10min. During running-in, the oil temperature should not be higher than 90 ° C.

(3) open the cylinder block side cover, hand touch the main bearing, connecting rod bearings, etc., the requirements should not be higher than 80 ℃, that is not hot for the normal, and observe the operation of the parts. If the parts of the temperature and structure are normal, then follow the following specifications to continue running.

(4) check the main bearing nuts, connecting rod nuts, cylinder head nuts, and other bolt tightening; check the valve clearance, if necessary, should be calibrated.

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