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AOSIF May You The Best Of Health In Dragon Boat Festival


          Happy Dragon Boat Festival


Everyday, busy lives and busy working

Do you stop the footsteps to enjoy the wonderful surrounding scenes;

Do you stop your work to listen to the nice music;

Are you on your journey to listen to your parents’talk happily;

At the time of the Dragon Boat Festival, here AOSIF reminds you “After the busy, cherish the present, feel the good”

      Like the song sings”Fifth is the son of DuanYang,artemsia argyi incense, incense full. Eat Zhongzi,covered by the with sugar, Dragon-boat Racing, full of happiness ”

A lot of activities in the Dragon Boat Festival. It is full of happiness.  

      AOSIF gaved each employee a good blessings, too (Zongzi and drinks were received by the employees). We may all will be warm in the stomach and sweet in mind when eating zongzi and drinking drinks.


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