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AOSIF Generator Set Installation And Commissioning

AOSIF Generator set installation and commissioning


Standard generator room drawing


Base frame installation


Typical foundation built

Confirm Size: L*W*H

Each side of the foundation should be over 200MM than the size of base frame of diesel generator at each side

Height: Determination of the depth of foundation by H


H- Foundation depth (M)

K- Weight ratio, generally 1.5-2.0 (dynamic load)

G-Genset weight(KG)

d- Concrete density, about 2400KG/M3

B-Foundation width(M)

L-Foundation length(M)


For example: 800KW cummins with Leroy somer generator weight:7700KG,Size:4.25*2.060m(L*W)

H= 2 * 7700/2400*(4.250+0.4)*(2.060+0.4)



Installation requirements to the Ventilation

1)Inlet area confirm

No less than two times bigger than the area of the radiator

radiator requires a certain amount of water-cooled cylinder water, the diesel engine needs sufficient air flow to provide sufficient oxygen intake, diesel engine and alternator heat radiation body needs cold air for cooling.

2)Determination of exhaust area 

No less than two times bigger than the area of the radiator

From radiator to the exhaust side airduct coupled with a soft connection, making available fireproof canvas wind shield


Exhaust smoke pipe and silencer installation

1) The entire exhaust backpressure exhaust system shall not exceed the limit on single engine performance data specified.

1inch hg=3386pa

As Chongqing cummins regulation



2)Exhaust system components (silencer) should not be due to the relative motion between the weight, inertia, parts of its own and the size change due to thermal expansion of the exhaust manifold and turbocharger or exert excessive stress. Must use the stainless steel bellows in the engine exhaust  and the exhaust pipe, exhaust pipe to change the direction of the transition at the same time connected by non combustible elastic suspension rod is connected with the roof to absorb the thermal expansion and generator vibration.

Silencer installation



Exhaust smoke vents must be prevent from the ground of splashing mud, rain, water or other flushing water into the diesel engine or turbocharger. Exhaust vent should be added protective gear to prevent rainwater from entering the exhaust pipe, the exhaust port should be installed vertically upwards automatically flip rain cap.

Daily fuel tank and fuel pipe install and connection


The formal diesel generator room should be set up daily oil storage room, and the level of oil storage room should be a high level of power generation equipment room.

According to the provisions of Cummins: fuel tank height not more than 1.5M and less than 1.8M


Higher or lower tank location practices:



Particular attention is non-explosive lighting lamp be required in the oil storage room. An external breathing hole with a fire resistance type breathing valve is required too in the oil storage room. The fire resistance type breathing valve can be fixed on the fuel tank to bring the breathing to a fine ventilation and safety space.


Oil tubing installation and laying

The inlet pipe should be installed under 25mm of the fuel tank to prevent the filter and nozzle blocked due to the debris into the pipe.

The diesel should be feed with black pipe . Prohibit use the aluminum pipe connect,because of their loose structure is easy to leak fuel. But Plating tube, plating fittings are prohibited, too, as fuel tank and the sulfur is condensed and liquefied together to form sulfuric acid corrosion coating, resulting debris from clogging the fuel pump and filter.  At the same time the engine side of the fuel line using oil hose to absorb vibration unit.


Fire resistance type breathing valve

The fuel pipe size should be at least in line with the diameter of the inlet of the fuel pump. If the distance is too far, the pipe diameter should be increased appropriately, while the elbow and the joint should be used as little as possible. 

During the system installation, please try best to prevent the entry of moisture, dust and other pollutants, each component must clean fuel system before installation.

The fuel system is not allowed to have any slight leakage in either operation or standby, otherwise the air will escape into the fuel system and cause the engine to run unstable and affect the output power.

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