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Analysis On Cooling System Of Yuchai Generating Set

The water cooling system can be divided into forced circulation water cooling system and natural circulation water cooling system according to the circulation of coolant.

Yuchai generator cylinder head and cylinder block are cast a cooling water jacket. After the coolant is pressurized by the water pump, the water cooler in the flow tube concentrates the heat of the cylinder wall, the temperature rises, then flows into the cylinder head water jacket, enters the water pipe through the thermostat and the radiator Into the radiator.

At the same time, due to the rotation of the fan suction, the air blowing from the radiator core, so that the heat through the radiator core coolant constantly dispersed in the atmosphere, the temperature decreases. And finally by the pump pressure and then once again into the cylinder water jacket, so continue to cycle, Yuchai generator set speed.

In order to make multi-cylinder Yuchai generating units before and after the cylinder cooling evenly, the general Yuchai generating units in the cylinder tax is too heavy to set a sub-water pipe or cast water distribution room. Most Yuchai generators use forced circulating water cooling systems. That is, the use of water pump to improve the pressure of the cooling medium.

The volume of the cooling system is much smaller than that of the natural circulation, and the cooling of the cylinder is more uniform.

Water cooling system is also equipped with water temperature sensor and water temperature table, water temperature sensor installed in the cylinder head out of the water pipe, the outlet water temperature to the water temperature table. Operators can use the water temperature table to keep abreast of the cooling system work, the normal working water temperature is generally 80-90 ℃.

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