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17 Years, To Create Together With Heart And Love

Time passes like flowing water and the leaves fall one after another. The time goes by slowly and quietly. In a twinkling, 2017 has gone away from us, and 2018, full of hope and challenge, has arrived. On this most joyous of days, the company held the annual party named “The Extraordinary 17 years, To Create Together With Heart And Love” in Changtai Tianfu Hotel in 26th, Jan, 2018, to tanks to all employees of AOSIF for their support and dedication to AOSIF in 2017.

Before the dinner, Mr. Wu Zhen, the general manager, firstly clarfied the development of AOSIF from the achievement, production data and team building etc from 2010 to 2017, affirmed the performance of the company, summarized and analysed the production capacity and team carefully. He emphasized that the quality must be guaranteed strictly with the standards and the efficiency of the entire work will be imporved under the premise of ensuring quality. Secondly, he specified the goal of the five year development of the company, and pointed out the rapid growth is the only way out in the severe market. It is the next step we have to face and solve. He reaffirmed the enterprise spirit of  the corporate culture in AOSIF—(Ardour,Obligation,Sincerity,Immortal,Friendship), and the nine point leadership of corporate culture: ardour,commitment,responsible,appreciation,give,trust,all-win,calling,possibility.  The purpose of corporate culture is to create a passionate, responsible and friendly team and take action.  Every person and each department were required to make the annual plan according to the five principles for objectives setting (SMART).

The commendation conference came after the speech. The commendation conference has awarded 6S champion, excellent employees, excellent managers, excellent teams, best progress award, sales target completion prize, domestic sales champion, sales champion and many other awards. Moreover, the employees who have worked in AOSIF for 3 years, 5 years, 8 years and 10 years received the loyalty prize accordingly.

The dinner party sarted with warm-up dance. While enjoying the delicious food and watching the wonderful programs, we didn't forget to interact with each other. The whole banquet was warm and happy. The most memorable and wonderful program was the interactive magic show, which made us amazed and applauded.

The glorious 2017 has passed, and 2018, full of hope and challenge, has arrived. Faced with 2018, we are filled with longing, passion. Better products are waiting for us to develop, larger market are waiting for us to expand. Let’s create a brighter future of AOSIF with heart and love together.

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