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131 Performance Multiplied Action”Successfully Concluded

                             131 celebration meeting

The 131(from April 1st to August 9th) activity of “redouble achievement in sale” has harvested a fruitful results under the joint participation and common effort of all AOSIF employees. At the end of this event, in thanks to  all employees for their hard work and dedication, AOSIF held a grand "131 Victory ceremony" on August 11, 2018. The celebration were divided into three parts.

1.131 performance multiplied review & commendation conference 

2.Passion Cup basketball game 

3.barbecue beer night.



The first “Passion Cup”basketball game was held in the basketball court in Changtai. The marketing team leaded by Lu Weiping fight with the Support team leaded by Zhuang Liquan. The game began with a loud whistle at 17:50. The game was very exciting. The palyers attacked positively and defended closely, perfect cooperation, and clever steal to make the competition into most intense time to time. The audience cheered for their teams and warmly applauded the excellent performance of the players. Everyone was attracted by the charm of basketball. The marketing team won the champion after four rounds of competition. With this competition, we felt the employess from AOSIF with passion and enthusiasm, and made a good foundation for the basketball game in the future.


A barbecue beer dinner was held in the factory in the evening. Plates of delicious barbecues, seafood, fruits brought us a relaxed and pleasant warmth. With the games going on, the atmosphere was very exciting.

The 131 performance multiplied action ended, but the dream is still going on. Let’s continue to move forard to the goals and make contributions to the future of AOSIF.

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