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What are the hazards of generator manufacturers operating generators?

Electromagnetic shaft voltage can be divided into two parts: First, the shaft in the rotation of unbalanced magnetic flux in the shaft at both ends of the shaft voltage; Second, due to the existence of axial leakage flux at both ends of the shaft axis voltage.

When the shaft voltage reaches a certain value, through the bearing and its base to form a closed loop to generate current, this current is called the shaft current.

Axis voltage causes

The main reason for the unbalanced magnetic field of the generator is as follows: ① the air gap between the rotor and the rotor is not uniform; ② the magnetic circuit is not balanced, such as the stator sub-core, the magnetic flux change caused by the stator core trunking, And the number of stator core segments of the relationship between the number of joints; ③ manufacturing, installation caused by the magnetic circuit is not balanced.

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