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The generator manufacturer analyzes the reason why the generator set voltage is not enough and is unstable

What is the reason for the instability of the output voltage of the oil generator set?

1, diesel generator sets operating vibration is too large; Solution: check diesel generator sets of shock equipment.

2, diesel engine engine speed instability. Solution: Adjust or replace the engine fuel system parts to make it stable.

3, the wiring part of the loose; Solution: check the diesel generator connected parts, and with the repair.

4, diesel generator control panel voltage - current selector switch failure. Solution: Diesel generator set to replace the switch.

5, the control panel voltage regulator resistor failure. Solution: Replace the voltage regulator resistor.

6, the voltmeter failure. Solution: change the voltmeter.

7, the regulator is not good or not adjust the regulator. Solution: Check the regulator

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