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The composition and function of each generator system of generator

1, the composition of the operating system: electronic speed control mechanism or mechanical speed, start the motor, throttle cable system. Function: motor start at the same time, the solenoid valve to the governor throttle to the appropriate position, to the cylinder fuel combustion, the cylinder fire rotation.

2. Charging system components: charger, regulator. Role: electric start the engine generally have charging equipment for battery discharge after the timely replenishment charge.

3. The composition of the fuel system: governor according to its working principle can be divided into: centrifugal, pneumatic, hydraulic. Common is centrifugal. Role: diesel generator sets work, the load is changing, which requires the generator output power should also be a corresponding increase or decrease. In addition, the frequency of power supply is required to stabilize, which requires the diesel engine to maintain the speed of work to maintain stability. So the general diesel engines are equipped with governor.

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