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power generator for home

How to choose household generators?

The first step: Determine the power of electrical equipment, your power equipment if it is 300KW, the choice of 300KW generator is not possible, because also consider a start-up current. Electrical equipment in the start-up to overcome inertia work, starting current is generally 2-7 times the actual current.


The second step: Select the diesel engine brand, know the starting current can determine the use of large generators, and the performance of the generator, the diesel engine accounted for a considerable proportion, because the generator power source is the diesel engine, diesel engine power foot, easy maintenance, low failure rate.

The third step: The age of the generator, the age of the generator is clearly cumulative running time, the generator is different from other machines, if the use of standby machine, may be 10 years eight years do not run. If used as a durable power supply, it is 24 hours running continuously. The service life of the diesel engine is generally long, the machine that runs 5 years continuously is still no problem, but a new machine and an old machine in the failure rate, fuel consumption, noise, exhaust emissions and other aspects of a large difference, so still try to choose a comparison.

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