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Portable Generator

Advantages of mobile Generators

1.The use of non-electric start-up and air cooling medium of the engine, not only eliminates the battery and bellows tank maintenance and add coolant trouble, but also in the extreme high, low temperature and dust and other harsh environment. In the case of long-term storage, equipment can be rushed to the scene at any time and immediately put into operation.

2.The use of electricity-free excitation generator, can be exempted from the maintenance of electric excitation device trouble; At the same time, because of the simple structure, once soaked, only 6 hours can be in the field to regenerate, because of excellent electromagnetic compatibility, not by lightning and other disturbances, power generation efficiency can also improve $number.

3.Because the matching equipment all has the structure simple, the small size, the weight light superiority, therefore the machine equipment uses the towed trailer way, thus has the nimble, the maneuver characteristic. Pickup trucks can be towed, and can be shifted in the same way as human-powered drag.


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