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Method of winter maintenance unit for diesel generator manufacturers

First, the engine fuel

Low temperature in winter to make the viscosity of diesel increased, poor mobility, resulting in diesel is not easy to spray, resulting in poor atomization, and even deterioration of combustion, the diesel engine power and economic performance, so the winter should use the low pour point And the ignition performance of light diesel oil. General requirements of the diesel engine condensate should be lower than the local current season minimum temperature 7-10 ℃.

Second, with the fire to help start

In places where the temperature is too low, you can use open flames to activate the machine, but you can not remove the air filter. With cotton yarn dipped in diesel ignition made after the ignition placed in the intake pipe to start combustion. This will be in the process of starting, the outside of the dust will be without the filter and direct inhalation of the cylinder, causing the piston, cylinder and other parts of the abnormal wear and tear, but also cause the diesel engine rough work, damage the machine.

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