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How vehicle generator works?
Vehicle Mounted Generators Movable Power Station

Vehicle generator can be divided into DC generators and alternators. Since alternators are superior to DC generators in many respects, DC generators have been eliminated. Alternators are classified into the following categories according to different classification methods:

1. According to the overall structure, it is divided into five categories.

(1) Ordinary alternator, also known as "silicon rectifier generator" (requires a generator equipped with a voltage regulator when used).

(2) Integral alternator (generator and regulator made into a whole generator), for example, the engine of the Buick is equipped with CS generator (including CS-121, CS-130 and CS-144) Different models).

(3) With pump alternator. (The pump with the pump alternator is the vacuum pump is not the vacuum booster pump, the vacuum booster pump is the car brake system).

(4) Brushless alternator (generator that does not require a brush), such as JFW1913.

(5) Permanent magnet alternator. A generator made of permanent magnets.

2. According to the rectifier structure, divided into four categories

(1) Six-tube alternator, for example JF1522 (for Dongfeng Motor).

(2) Eight-tube alternator, for example JFZ1542 (for Tianjin Xiali Automobile).

(3) Nine-tube alternator, for example (Japan Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Mazda Motors).

(4) 11-tube alternator, for example JFZ1913Z (for Audi, Santana).

3. According to the magnetic field winding ground form

(1) Internal iron-type alternator, one end of the field winding (negative electrode) is directly grounded (connected to the housing).

(2) The external iron-type alternator is connected to the regulator at one end (negative pole) of the field winding, and then grounded through the regulator.

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