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How to test a generator set

Test steps

The first step: Check the connection parts of the generator set have no disconnection, fault, short-circuit phenomenon, and the voltmeter to measure the B + point has no battery voltage.

The second step: the key door down to the "open" position, but do not start the engine, at this time with a voltmeter to measure the + point has no voltage, and to see if the charge light is bright.

The third step: Starting engine, using voltmeter to measure the B + point voltage of the engine, should reach the following value

Step Fourth: Turn on some loads, such as headlights


Step Fifth: Turn on the main electrical appliances such as air conditioner, headlight

In the third step, the generator does not have the voltage output, can take the following method to check, for generating excitation + point of the generator can be from the battery positive to lead a 2.5MM2 wire, starting the engine, with the other end of the instant click on the + point (Time 1S), then the voltage meter is used to measure the B + point has the voltage output, if there is, from the third step to the fifth step, the same time to determine the whole vehicle charging indicator line has a circuit breaker (generally the indicator is damaged, the instrument tray is loose, circuit breaker) If no voltage output, the generator has no power failure.

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