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How silent generator works?
Silent Genset with Cummins Enginee

The principle of silent generator:

1. Reasonable design of silent generator intake and exhaust air outlets.

The power part of the generator set belongs to the internal combustion engine. Therefore, during the operation of the generator set, sufficient air flow is required to ensure the full combustion of the engine and dissipate the large amount of heat generated during the work. If the ratio of the near-exhaust air volume is out of balance, the normal operation of the generator set will be affected, which will cause the generator set to have high water temperature and power that cannot meet the rated requirements. The long life of the unit under high temperature conditions will affect the unit life.

2, silent generator noise material selection.

Use special cotton to absorb sound and thus play a role in noise reduction. There is also a method, the effect is better, is to take the hole mesh silencing material and silencer cotton combined to deal with noise.

3, the appearance of the silent generator design

Based on humanized design, the product is convenient for observing the operation status of the unit, and can quickly adopt manual emergency shutdown. The intake and exhaust air volume undergoes rigorous calculation, and the integral disassembly and assembly method is adopted to facilitate subsequent maintenance operations. Rounded design, beautiful.

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