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How does the generator manufacturer analyze the heat when the generator is running?
In general, the generator is running on the load when the fever is a normal phenomenon, but the generator manufacturers that the generator running heat to understand the temperature rise, temperature rise, the insulation of the relationship between the heat resistance. The temperature rise of the generator is higher than the ambient temperature of 40 ℃ is a normal heat phenomenon, once beyond this limit will overhaul your generator. There are generators manufacturers also found that the generator to what extent the heat, mainly depends on the internal insulation of the generator level, the general heat degree of the generator does not exceed 130 ℃, the external does not exceed 80 ℃ belong to the normal range.

Generator heating temperature as long as the allowable range will not affect the service life, generally do not care. If the temperature is too high will be overhaul before use. Because the generator insulation layer is often destroyed from the high temperature, serious may lead to generator coil breakdown accident.

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