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how a diesel generator works

How a Diesel Generator Works

Working principle of diesel generator

Diesel engine starting is to rotate the crankshaft of diesel engine by manpower or other power to make the piston move up and down in the airtight cylinder of the top. The piston completes four strokes in motion: intake stroke, compression stroke, combustion and work (expansion) stroke and exhaust stroke. When the piston is opened from top to bottom movement, the air filter fresh air enters the cylinder to complete the intake stroke. The Pistons move up from the bottom, the inlet and outlet doors are closed, the air is compressed, the temperature and pressure are increased, and the compression process is completed. When the piston is about to reach its peak, the injector sprays the filtered fuel into the combustion chamber with the air of the high temperature and pressure to ignite immediately, and the high-pressure pushes the piston down to work, pushing the crankshaft to rotate, and completing the work stroke. After the completion of the work, the piston from the bottom to move up, exhaust valve open exhaust, complete the exhaust stroke. The crankshaft rotates half a lap in each stroke. After several working cycles, the diesel engine gradually accelerates into the work under the inertia of the flywheel.


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