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Gas Generator Engine
gas generator

Working characteristics of gas generator:

(1) low gas temperature. General is 650 ~ 900 ° c, depending on the allowable temperature of the turbine blade materials.

(2) residual oxygen coefficient deviates from that of chemical equivalent. The low residual oxygen coefficient of rich combustion is usually adopted. The gas product has low molecular weight and high work capacity. The residual oxygen coefficient of the gas generator of spontaneous combustion propellant such as nitrogen tetroxide/partial dimethylhydrazine is 0.05 ~ 0.08, and the mass flow density is 20 ~ 80g/(cm2·s). The flow rate of generator accounts for 2% ~ 3% of the total flow rate of engine. [3]

(3) concentrated combustion. The oxidizer nozzles of the combustion-rich generator are arranged in the central area of the injection surface, and the high residual oxygen coefficient is formed with the adjacent fuel nozzles. The only fuel nozzle on the side. Ensure reliable ignition, stable combustion, prevent low - frequency unstable combustion. [3]

(4) long staying time. It is usually 5-12ms, so as to ensure uniform outlet temperature, avoid local temperature rise of gas, and burn off turbine blades. The retention time of spontaneous combustion propellant is smaller, while that of liquid oxygen/kerosene non-spontaneous combustion propellant is larger.

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