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Do you choose the antifreeze of the diesel generator?

1, in the northern region of China, the annual temperature is relatively low, the minimum temperature will sometimes reach zero degrees tens of degrees, so, like this area in the purchase of antifreeze, the model has to choose more than 35 degrees can be, And the perennial water tank to maintain the use of antifreeze, and can not use ordinary water cooling.

2, in the central region of China, to Jiangsu surrounding areas, for example, most of the temperature in the year on the zero, only one to two months at zero temperature, and not more than minus 10 degrees, so in the purchase of antifreeze , As long as the election selected negative 25 degrees of antifreeze on it.

3, the southern region, the annual temperature is relatively high, can not reach zero temperature, so the generators in the use of normal soft water cooling on it.

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