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Diesel generator manufacturers of diesel generating units, oil and coolant

1, according to the use of diesel generating units ambient temperature selection of diesel:

In the relatively hot climate of the southern region can choose high pour point light diesel oil; in the cold northern region must choose low pour point light diesel oil. Diesel should be selected pure, less impurities, otherwise it is easy to cause early clogging of the filter and parts corrosion. The freezing point of diesel fuel is at least 16-10 ° C lower than the minimum ambient temperature when used by the unit, ensuring its necessary liquidity.

2, according to the unit model and the use of ambient temperature selection of oil:

The oil is used to lubricate the moving parts of the unit and to cool and dissipate these moving parts, take away the impurities and prevent the corrosion of the role. The use of oil grade and its quality in addition to the impact of the unit, but also on the use of oil have a certain impact. To this end, the user should be based on different unit models and the use of ambient temperature to use the appropriate specifications of the oil.

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