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Buy generators, generators manufacturers to install and debug

Our products are installed in the factory before the commissioning of the good, our company has a special test bench, each machine after rigorous testing of the staff after the test, and then sent by the test bench test, and fill out a detailed test report randomly sent to you, To ensure that each is 100% qualified products. So you only need to receive our products and then put down to the use of the location, the machine components are firmly installed on the chassis, to find a professional electrician generator output cable connected to your equipment on the OK , First of all, please carefully read our first start note, start before checking the valve is closed, and then add the model for the CD or CF class 15w-40kw oil, added to the oil scale caliper upper and lower scale line in the middle position Can be inserted into the tub, the tank filled with water, low temperature areas, please add antifreeze.

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