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Wandi series diesel engine is a brand new series diesel engine product which is based on original series diesel engine and developed by adopting advanced internal combustion engine technology at home and abroad. Compared with the original series diesel engines, the dynamic performance of this series diesel engines has been greatly strengthened, the economic indicators have been better improved.
It has retained the interchangeability, parts and components of good versatility, specific compact structure, small size, light weight, large power, good performance and other advantages.
Its main functions are diesel generator set supporting, agricultural irrigation, emergency fire pump supporting and other supporting industrial use; When modified, it can be used as the power of light railway locomotives and large ships auxiliary machinery, its supporting uses are more extensive.
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As one of the most professional suppliers and manufacturers of wandi in China, AOSIF is committed to providing consumers with a pleasant online shopping experience. We are glad to hear your inquiry and offer you the pricelist. Do not hesitate to buy our cheap price wandi in the factory now!
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