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Control System

Generator control system is the generator of the brain, which is used to control the generator start-up, shutdown and important parameters measurement, fault alarm, or outage protection functions, such as the use of intelligent control system will greatly improve the operation of the diesel generator set, guarantee the stability of the diesel generator set work, saves the manpower, improve the work efficiency, etc.
The main function:
Through the excitation regulator to adjust the generator voltage, speed regulator to control the diesel engine speed change; through the power manager, the generator set start, stop, grid-connected and generator load distribution, as well as power limit, current limit, generator fault alarm.
The equipment can be widely used in highway, railway, airport, factory, hospital, ship, building, communication, mine, military, pipeline cleaning, construction machinery and other fields.
About us:
As one of the most professional suppliers and manufacturers of control system in China, AOSIF is committed to providing consumers with a pleasant online shopping experience. We are glad to hear your inquiry and offer you the pricelist. Do not hesitate to buy our cheap price control system in the factory now!
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